Sunday, November 2, 2008

Return of the cob workshop

After a lengthy break as we slowly acclimatise to the house, we are going to start workshops again: now on the second Saturday of each month, i.e. next month on December 13th, from 9am to 1pm, tea provided, R50 donation to building costs suggested (but we won't turn you away if you can't make that in these financially constricted times). The one after is on January 10th. For more info contact us on 021 788 6613.

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Nick said...

Yo Sim, clearly I won't be making it to any of your workshops in the near future, but your house looks totally ace! I have only recently been looking into a small scale cob creation - A wall to surround the end of my garden with intregrated seates and plant pot holders etc, but you are slightly more ambitious than me I see! Any tips for the cob action UK style would be much appreciated, honestly I think you are a lucky man with a view like that! I live at the top of Gas Hill now so we are about even? Maybe not then. Peace and goodbye for now, can I suggest a gallery for the Blog, I only had ten minutes and found myself reading when I could have been checking out the cool shots of mountains and building work coming together! Cheers, Nick