Friday, July 10, 2009

Samhitakasha (A Place of Unity)

Welcome to our new logo - for our house's official name and for the Organic B&B!Contact us for more details, 021 788 6613.
Here's what it looks like outside, still some new things with the garden etc. to come.
And here's the north face of the house

Welcome to the Organic B&B...

Separate entrance...
The beautifully mosaiced mirror donated (and made) by our friends Nan and Daniel, thanks again guys!
And here are some inside views, though they've come out a little dull - there will be others soon on our new site for the B&B, , coming soon...


OK, a few views of what the house looks like these days. First, the wonderful hand-embroidered wall-hanging we won at the school raffle!
Then some more playing - this time Carey playing with oxides on the wall, above what we've left as a cob brick "throne"...and lastly the new bookshelf, decorated with wrapping paper on our daughter's birthday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Short update

Sorry for being so quiet, we've had somewhat other priorities recently and are living comfortably in our house (despite the intensity of this summer). Cob workshops are temporarily on hold as we're waiting for some other bits and pieces of non-cob work before we can go further, hopefully will get going again after Easter. Our organic food B&B is fully (naturally) furnished and up and running with happy clients, but on a very low-key level at the moment hence no advertising yet (proper website to follow also after Easter....!)