Friday, April 18, 2008

Sponsored Roof Window!

What we've really enjoyed about getting up on the roof and completing it has been the view. Now we have very kindly been donated a Velux roof window, by Andrew Renirie of Cape Loft Windows, part of Savati. It is a great example of passive solar light/heat as it captures the sun overhead most of the day; and it's openable so we can get through to the roof. We have also included an unusual central 'quiet space' in the house (known in Indian architectural theory as a 'Brahmasthan') which is open both to the ground (no foundation) and the sky. Waterproofing this area was quite a complex problem but Andrew and Savati have come to our aid again by creating and donating a kind of metal 'chimney' which should really help matters.


KatesWorld said...

Greetings, I stumbled across your blog via the Urban Sprout newsletter. Well done to you, it looks lovely.
kind thoughts

Betterhome WA said...

The importance of roof windows is the entrance of natural light to the room and the benefit of having a lessen electricity bill. Thanks for sharing your blog.

Rose Jhonson said...

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